[28MB] SUPERCARS MOD FOR GTA SAN ANDREAS ANDROID | Supercars Mod pack | Premium Cars

 Download Supercare mod for GTA San Andreas Android (ultimate Mod) for free. 

Hi! today i have come up with something completely new, i know many of you will love it very much.

Many have tried to give their various reviews about this mod but it is very cool and people accept it, we try to review all comments you have made for us on Facebook so if we find any error within this mod we will update it, but now this mod works perfectly, what you need its just follow our instructions. 

This is a car mod on gta sa, last time I talked about how to get the game (GTA San Andreas For Android) many people do not understand me about GPU, I have met a lot of people complaining about this game but please follow the procedure, in case if you want the full game right.

This mod works on all devices, you need to have a GTA Sa Andreas Cleo Apk and Img Tool to support this mod to enter the game. This mod has only 16 mb and we have provided good information about this mod through our YouTube channel so if you fail see help here.
Credit: MgameMax
  • 3D Body of the Cars 
  • Fixed Side mirrors
  • Perfect tires.
  • Cars can be upgraded 
  • Cars can fly
  • Real sounds
  • Best Graphics
  • Horn sound works perfectly 
  • Added 100+ DFF
  • No Bugs

  1. Extract the file using ZArchiver app
  2. Open Img Tool then locate to gta3.img (Android/Data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/Files/texdb)
  3. Select gta3.img and add files with replace. 
  4. Now locate the extracted cars mod dff, select all cars dff then hit select, this process can take few minutes 
  5. Now Rebuld Img Tool
  6. Lunch the game and Enjoy.


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