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Download 5G PS4 Cloud Game Emulator for Android

Download 5G PS4 Cloud Game Emulator for Android

Download 5G PS4 Cloud Game Emulator for Android. Download 5G PS4 Emulator Pro for Android for free.

About 5G PS4 Cloud Game Emulator

PS4 Emulator is a application that allows you to play the famous PS4 games on Android.
This Emulator will need mobile data or wi-fi to run.

In this download no games include, you will only download 5G PS4 Emulator, then you will be able to play PS4 games on your mobile phone, and we recommend to use Wi-Fi if you don’t what to run out of the data, I know this sounds crazy and unbelievable but actually this app works.

However application language cannot be changed we recommend to use translation apps to the place where you don’t understand.

We can translate sum of the words in this application, you can also do the same through your app translator from “Chinese to your specific language” but first let’s see how to get Unlimited time for 5G PS4 Emulator.


There many ways you can get unlimited time, we will mention sum of them that you can use to get free time of playing games on this Apk.

First Method

In this method you will need to use 2Accounts Apk, we already put the app within 5G PS4 Emulator file, so after extraction you will need to install those two apps including 2Accounts and 5G PS4 Emulator.

To get unlimited time, now you will need to open 2Account Apk provided then go to add button which located on your right side, on the button, now you will see your apps find 5g app and add to 2Accounts, then tap to open it, in this process will take some time to clone the app, if the app not responding or not able to clone the app, just download another version of 2Accounts and try again.

After opening the app, you will welcome note as you see in our tutorial, is all about usage of Wi-Fi as recommendation of the app so tap the blue button on the right to continue, then close another pop up message which will come and go directly to your account which locate at last page which contain time, you will see now time is increased to 60 min, now you can enjoy playing any game within the application, remember to choose your language before playing game.

Second Method

This is all about Login or Sign up process, friend everyone need a Chinese number in order to login or signup so we provide the website link for generate needed number but this is not official website so be careful when using it, it’s used by many users to get free SMS verification for Chinese numbers.
Click here to get your number now.
Second website click here.

Download 5G PS4 Cloud Game Emulator for Android

After seeing above Information now you can get this app for playing PS4 games on Android, please use this application for your own purpose, do not do any illegal activity, now tap the download button below to get the app.


You will need to have higher RAM for running this Emulator then you will need;

  • 2Accounts Apk
  • ZArchiver Pro Apk


  • Use all above information to setup this app, extract the file using ZArchiver Pro Apk, then install all two apps extracted as we said in above text, now don’t run 5G PS4 Emulator, and open 2Accounts Apk, and clone your app for use.

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    I can't download the 5G Emulator

  2. Avatar

    Refresh the page and try again.

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    If 2Accounts Apk fail to clone or it's not working please download another version of 2Accounts app, also if 60min are over you can read second method on how to get Chinese Number for account.
    Thank you.

  4. Avatar

    Please watch our video above

  5. Avatar

    How do i see that 2Accounts has cloned the 5G gloud

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    My time is over how do i add it ?

  7. Avatar

    Please read the post carefully all information has been written down, you can watch the Video too

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    Download mushroom cloud route

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    Is it the 5G PS4 emulator that I clone is the one that I will used to login in, and ia it only login, no need sign up right?

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    Can I get number that already login with password , I can login free

  11. Avatar

    We cannot login in this app right now! Try if you will get free time you can play the game, if not change the app

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    No any just follow video instruction

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