[100MB] Call of Duty Roads to Victory PSP ISO Highly Compressed

 Download Call of Duty Road to Victory PPSSPP ISO for free
Call of duty: Road to Victory is a World War II 2007 first-person shooter for PSP.
Call of Duty: Road to Victory is among the best first-person shooter games which developed by Activation Studios, this game performs very well,  if you miss to play this game, don’t plan to miss this time, 
Friends, to play this game you will need PPSSPP Emulator to run the game, so make sure you have latest version of emulator for run this game.
Suggested: download PPSSPP Gold Emulator for Android.

Call of Duty: Road to Victory Features; 
This game characterized by high quality graphics which attracts people to continue play it, shapes and faces of the game are so realistic, as the weapons, vehicles and tanks brightness has been improved.

The game light has been improved from afternoon to night where all missions are being seen very clearly,

Note that the game compressed by MgameMax, so when game start, the screen will show call of Duty logo several times,  hit start button to start the game.

In the game you will start a first training session,  you will need to shooting Military hats, to continue with other objectives, use instructions that appear in your screen to control the game.
You can make step by leading your soldiers to victory by performing well in each mission and moving away from enemy traps.
Now you can easily download the game from link below, remember to follow instructions!
Credit: MgameMax 
Game Information; 
  • Name: Call of Duty: Roads to Victory 
  • Size:118MB
  • Category:  Shooting 
  • File type: ISO
  • Platform: PSP 
Game Requirements; 


How to Install Call of Duty: Roads to Victory PPSSPP ISO:
  • We provide Call of Duty Roads to Victory PPSSPP ISO link, use above download button to get the game, you will simply download the file via Mediafire. After download the game follow this simple instructions on how to setup the game.
  1. First you should have ZArchiver apk for extract the file, and PPSSPP Emulator for run the game.
  2. Then extract the ISO file after downloading it, (use “CODBYMGAMEMAX” as a password to unlock your file).
  3. Copy/cut and paste to PSP Game folder
  4. Then lunch PPSSPP Emulator,  go to games , click PSP then open the game 
  5. Enjoy
What to do when sound chopping or game go slow or stuck?
When you see this text several time, means when i was opening this ISO i met some error, so Call of Duty has some sound chopping and game stucks some how it need unique settings that I’m going to mention below, just pay attention. 
If you see your game has mentioned error, just hit back one time, go to “settings” now you will see “Graphics” this is the important part you will play with it to remove errors.
In the “Graphics” you will see “Rendering Mod” in Rendering Mod there is “Backend” change “Vulkan” to “OpenGL”.
After applying above setting, just below “Rendering Mod” you will see “Frame Skipping” i recommend to use it accordingly until you game sound chopping is over, you can put 1 to 4, if error continues increase frameskip to 5 – 8.
Now search for “Performance” under performance you will see “Rendering Resolution” change it to 2x PSP, do the same to “Display Resolution”. 
Lastly search for “Overlay Information” below it you will see “Show FPS counter” now apply “FPS” or “Speed” to this part.
NOTE: if you fail to apply above settings, I recommend to watch our tutorial – BEST PPSSPP SETTINGS


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