Chikii Apk Download for Android Latest Version 1.13.1

Download Chikii Apk version 1.13.1 updated and play PC games anytime,  everywhere with friends.

Chikii App is not new word especially if your not new here i mean to this website, although you might be knew but you can be very familiar with Chikii App, this means there many old version for this app, so your useful to this application.

If your new user to Chikii Cloud, don’t worry, there series of information about Chikii inform of video in our channel, visit the channel to know more about Chikii, include how to log in, how to use and knowing of different stuff.


Chikii Apk in this new version different features are released, the app development is still on fire, everything is working good to this version, i found different features added in this new version also there changes done within the app which I’m gonna show you below.
Sign In: (new way of earn coins) 
This is the new feature which you will find soon as you sign in to your account, this feature give you advantage of recharge your coins, means every single day you sign in to Chikii App the more you make coins.
How this work:
This new feature will stay up to 29/11/ this year but all VIP members will have extra 50 days for finishing this task.

Every day you sign in you will get coins, and the coins are not the same, every single day will contain more coins than the past days, example day one you take 2 coins then day to you will get 5 coins.

This is the Sign In rewards (ends 29/11/ 2021)

Day 1  – +2, Day 2 – +2, Day 3 – +5, Day 4 – +5, Day 5 – +10, Day 6 – +6, Day 7 – +7, Day 8 – +8, Day 9 – +9, Day 10 – +10, Day 11 – +10, Day 12 – +15, Day 13 – +10, Day 14 – +10, Day 15 – +10, Day 16 – +10, Day 17 – +10, Day 18 – +10, Day 19 – +20, Day 20 – +11, Day 21 – +12, Day 22 – +13, Day 23 – +14, Day 24 – +15, Day 25 – +15, Day 26 – +25, Day 27 – +15, Day 28 – +15

Upload Chikii Videos, win Chikii coins (Activity list)
This feature might not be new to some of you but i found it to my new Chikii, this will help you to earn coins when you upload videos on YouTube.
How it’s done?
Post video about Chikii and earn Chikii Gold Coins!

You will need to post original Chikii related videos on YouTube, after uploading your video you will copy and paste the video URLs in to the box provided to win emblems and gold coins.

Event Rules:
50 gold coins will be provided to a video with 100 views and extra reward will be issued to the top 5 most viewed videos every week.
This event have rules, (About the video to be posted)
  1. The video must be submitted within 15 days before the submission date.
  2. Only one submission is allowed for each video, multiple submissions for the same video are not allowed
  3. All participants will be disqualified if more than one person submit the same video.

There many rules, if you will be interested with the event you can read them just remember the video must meet submission standards, otherwise, a warning will be issued or you might be banned from the event.

This is the new feature but sometimes i herd that was not working to some users, but now this feature is updated and is working fine, if you face the problem again you should contact them directly, but it seems they update their Novice, Weekly and Task activities.

Also there new special tasks activities added in the app.

Now you can view game rules by tap “Rule of Activity” on your left side also you can view your records on “My Record” at you right side.

Different Prizes to draw added, now you can win VIP card for 30 days, 365 days for Star card, 20 – 500 Gold Coins, 10 energy. Just make sure you invite more users as you can, to enter prize draw, (you invitation code you will get to get lottery tickets section)

My Achievements:
In this feature will enable you to get gold coins when you reach certain archivement on Chikii, example there different you can acquire, like “Give Me Coins” this achievement you will get when you complete first mission, “New Area” means Land on the homepage for the first time, “Me&My friends” on this also you will need to have 5 friends in Chikii to achieve this activity, so if you get more achievements of activities, you will earn more gold coins.

New to Chikii? Use below Invitation code (Put to your app as soon you Sign Up)

After many information about the app above, there’s no way to continue to explain about the app, everything you will get to your app.

Download the new version of the app by touch below button, after downloading is done you will need to install the application to replace the old one, now don’t waste time downloading is waiting.


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