Mushroom Cloud Route Download APK Android

Last Updated on February 15, 2023 by Pro Fadiz

Mushroom Cloud Route Download APK Android the latest version of Mushroom Cloud Gaming Emulator (v3.6.1) and enjoying playing PC games on your mobile.

Hello again, welcome back to the site, last time I updated 5G Cloud Gaming Emulator, and in the post I recommend you to use Mushroom Cloud Emulator because this is the good, easy and fast Emulator,  for those who have Chikii Cloud Gaming, the update is on the way, you will really enjoy like you do in Mushroom Cloud Gaming Emulator.


The new update come with new effects to the app, although changes their not big but everything remaining the same, there are changes in some games, and also in Hot games section, also hot games are being added and modified, now hot games need up to 40 diamond and 15000 mushroom coin to play the game, also charges will be applied, they will charge by the minute when you playing a game, actually they will consuming coins only.

This updates make the emulator to run faster, now you can’t wait a game for a long like another emulators do, you can now easily control the emulator without errors, all bugs which where seen in last time now you can’t see them this time, actually the improvement is good.


Use bellow button to get latest version of Mushroom Cloud Route, please some of vpn will not working in this version, be aware that if your device will not able to lunch this version, I’m not responsible for anything you may face.

Like I was saying in all previous post and video, there’s no need of using Chinese numbers to register for this emulator, but use the same signing methods, watch the video carefully you will understand.

Mushroom Cloud Route Download APK Android



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    Can I do play football game in this app

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