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Download the top best PPSSPP games for Android, choose any game if you have one don’t re-download or look for it.

PPSSPP Emulators games are in the form of ROM or ISO These formats are compressed into zipping, RAR, 7z format where you will need ZArchiver Apk to extract zip files.

Below are the list of top best PPSSPP games for Android (Offline) choose and download to your device for free, use table of contents to navigate easily. 

God Of War: Ghost of Sparta Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed

This is the most popular action game till date with more downloads, the story of the game is simple, you will need to control Kratos as the main character for this game, you will need to pass different mission to finish this game, you can upgrade your sword to kill enemies fastest.

Ghost of War: Ghost of Sparta may chopping or stucking, sometimes slow or crushing while playing, to solve this bad situation which occurs you will need to watch Best PPSSPP Settings video which will guide you to solve those errors.

Download God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Below link provided is used for Telegram, make sure you have Telegram or install Telegram to download this game, the link is taken from Telegram Channel.

God of War: Chain of Olympus Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed

This is another game for God of War Series, also is most popular till today, the main character for the game is Kratos who is the warrior from Spartan, he serves Olympian gods and his main weapon is the Blades of Chaos, you can upgrade the player to the maximum level where you can kill enemies faster.

Ghost of War: Ghost of Sparta may chopping or stucking, sometimes slow or crushing while playing, to solve this bad situation which occurs you will need to watch Best PPSSPP Settings video which will guide you to solve those errors.

Download God of War: Chain of Olympus
Below link provided is used for Telegram, make sure you have Telegram or install Telegram to download this game, the link is taken from Telegram Channel.

Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed

Assassins Creed: Bloodlines is action-adventure game for PSP (PlayStation Portable). The game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and was released on Nov 20, 2009.
The game setting was based on two areas as it knows (Limassol and Kyrenia)
Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines is available to different platforms, you can also play this game to Microsoft Windows using PPSSPP Emulator.
How to download Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines Android PPSSPP: 
You can get this game for free, just use below button to download the game, we insist to download PPSSPP Gold Emulator first, also ZArchiver Pro Apk, this application will help you.
What you need to do is to follow our steps and you will have the game.
Download the game, via Mediafire, it’s safe and free, the file is highly compressed to 30MB.
Credit: MgameMax

PES 2022 PPSSPP – PSP ISO Android Offline English Version Best Graphics New Kits & Transfer

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is a football simulation video game, this game was developed by PES Production and published by Konami, the game was released.
This game is available in different platforms like PC, PSP 4 and 5, also PSP console.
This game is available in ppsspp version where you can play different matches, Champions, leagues and more.

PES PPSSPP is the series of football games coming every season, in case you like to download the past version for this game,  visit

FIFA 21 Beta PPSSPP Android Offline Best Graphics Download for free

Download FIFA 21 PPSSPP BETA Revolution Android Offline for free
we know about FIFA 21 MOBILE , we experience all the features and of course we like the game,
FIFA created by EA sports, we used to play their game much in PC and Android but now come to our PSP. FIFA 21 PPSSPP is the video game which play on your Android using PPSSPP emulator. Remember that FIFA has the best 3D graphics compared to other football games but this time the game released with some beta graphics.

WWE 2K 20, 21 Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed – Download for free

WWE 2K21 is the fighting video game you can call it SmackDown game because its among SmackDown series.
This is the professional wrestling sport game, I found that many people like this game much. This game has different version, and many people now make different mods from WWE 2K and have fun with them, some of the mod work perfect and some are being crashed so today I bring you three different versions.
You can read more before you download the game, download only one game.


Download TNA IMPACT: Cross Line for Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed for free.
 You can get this game for your Android, and play it by using PPSSPP Emulator app, it’s free just scroll down to download the game.
TNA IMPACT: Cross the Line is one of the most popular Wrestling sport game, we have seen many wrestling games, but this is the most popular, this is based on good wrestling skills.
This game was released for various platforms (units) like PlayStation Portable (PSP).


Download MotoGP for Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed for free.
Play the best motorcycle racing game on your mobile phone, using PPSSPP Gold Emulator, we provide free link to download MotorGP via Mediafire, free and safe, only 43MB, continue scrolling down to download the game.
Grand Prix motorcycle racing is the best moto bike racing game, this game released in 2006 and it’s available in PSP console.
The game we provide is not original one, some how it’s compressed to 43MB and the real size after extraction is 73,287 KB (71.5MB), when you lunch this game, some how it’s having different language from English, but when you tap start everything inside is English.


Download Need for Speed: Underground Rivals for Android PPSSPP Higly Compressed just 100MB
You can get this game on your Android or Tablet but this game need Emulator which will make it run, fun enough you can play it on Windows using PPSSPP Emulator App.
Need for Speed: Underground Rivals is a racing game played on PSP, this game is an old one released in 2005, and you can get this game for free right here at MgameMax.
Need for Speed: Underground is not far from other series of Need for Speed ​​we know, as speed is needed to get to a certain level, so as you know another Need for Speed ​​then this is also not far from its counterparts, the differences are only a few.

[75MB] Manhunt 2 Download For Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed

Manhunt2 for PSP (ISO) this is popular rom playing on psp console and emulators, and you can download this game for free, and we provide little description or overview about this game, also with direct links for downloading this game, just look below on this page.
Manhunt2 is among horror video game, the game was published by Rockstar Games, this is the late game released 2007 but this is not official news I tell you.

[40MB] Need for Speed: Carbon – Own the City Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed

Download Need for Speed: Carbon – Own the City Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed.
Need for Speed: Carbon is the racing game, released 2006 and its among Need for Speed series. The game developed by EA Canada, Rovio Mobile and EA Black Box, and published by EA, the game released for PS2, PS3, Xbox, Windows and Mac OS X.


Spider-Man: Friend or Foe it’s a video game released in Oct 2007 and it’s based on Marvel Comics (superhero spider-man)
The game genres play on action-adventure and the game borrows some characters from San Raimi’s spider-man trilogy. The game plot is non-canon to the films.
The game has amazing graphics which looks like cartoon, the light and brightness of the game is so cool, but some how there some light passes on it like a flash, don’t worry the light will over when you start fighting.


Spider-Man 2 game based on the film (Spider-Man 2) same name right but added additional materials from the comic books.
Spider-man 2 is the action-adventure game published by Activision and developed by Treyarch, although the game is divided in different chapters but having set of objects.


Spider-Man3 – this is action-adventure game which based on film, I think guys you remember Spider-Man3 movie. The game fulfilled with amazing story, adventures, action etc. the game including additions of some characters although you can get them from their books.
During playing you will meet this three antagonist, Venom, Sandman, and New Goblin although other villains like Scorpion and Lizard can be defeated easily but be carefully with main one.

[130MB] Mortal kombat:Unchained ANDROID PPSSPP Highly Compressed

Mortal Kombat Unchained is a fighting game which released on PS2, Xbox and later released for other PS like PSP and other. This game can be played in your Android and Windows using PPSSPP emulator. The game has unlimited number of characters which have different fighting skills and unique magic abilities.
The game graphics they are not bad, however they are not good / best either but the game environment fulfilled with amazing adventure, don’t mind the game details.

[74MB] Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed

GTA Liberty City Stories is one of action-adventure game which is among Grand Theft Auto Series. This game developed in a collaboration between Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds and the game was published by Rockstar Games.
All gamers will agree with me that the game layout its similar to GTA III, so the game has multiplayer mode and they can play the game at the same area.
GTA Liberty City Stories has different version but I will deal with PSP version, this version is highly compressed, the game ISO is compressed to 74MB, so you will need to download the game from below link.
Password: MgameMax

[174MB] Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 Android PPSSPP Download For Free

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (NFSMW) is a racing game which released on 2005, this game available on PS, Xbox, Windows and other platforms, the game characterized by best graphics and game play involve street racing, player can pick any race and become most wanted, sometimes you will need to challenge them and get their cars.
Later there was additional version of this game called Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0, this version plays o PSP and today I bring this topic.

What to do when sound chopping or game go slow or stuck?

This game has important settings you need to apply to your PPSSPP Gold Emulator , change the settings shown below and your game will work perfectly without any Errors.
The below settings will help you to run your game fast without any errors, in case you don’t understand this setting don’t worry there’s video guide for you i hope will work, just visit and watch our video.
Now open your PPSSPP Gold Emulator, then go to settings, in the settings the important part to change it’s “Graphics”, so read carefully.
The first text you will see is “Rendering Mod” below it you will see “Backend” which is “Vulkan” now change it to “OpenGL”.
Below “Rendering Mod” you will see “Frame Skipping” no common number that you can put so that to stop slowing but try to put number 1 up to 8 continuously until the game works perfectly. Then in “Frame Skipping type” apply “Numbers of Frames”.
Find “Performance” below this text you will see “Rendering Resolution” change it to 2x PSP, do the same to “Display Resolution” part. Now in Buffer graphics commands (faster, input lag) – up to 2
Lastly look for “Overlay Information” below it you will see “Show FPS counter” change it from “NONE” to “FPS” or “Speed”.
For more PPSSPP games (top best PPSSPP games for Android, ISO Highly Compressed visit below website

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