Download Top Cloud Gaming App for Playing PC games on your Android for free.

Hi welcome back to the site, I have been produce cloud gaming tutorial since June, now today I come with three popular app that you can use to play different PC games or PS4 games on your android for free, but first let’s cover some topics and questions.

All right this is the question which many people were asking themselves, sometimes they see different tutorials and videos about this apps, however many don’t believe if it’s possible to play PC games or PS4 games on android phones but the truth is this app its real.

Anyway we can’t define Cloud Games Apps, but shortly these are the apps which helps you to play different PC games or your favorite games on your Android, these apps contain different games provided by app sever, all games are to be played online.

The Answer is “NO”, these apps can’t install any game files or document to your device, assume the big game like “GTA V”, contain huge numbers of files with many GBs then you expect the game to enter to your mobile that’s impossible, so any cloud gaming app cannot install game to your device that’s why it is called “Cloud Games” then we will need internet connection to play games, (online emulator)
This is why I’m here writing this post, up to know I have published three best cloud gaming apps, all are simple to setup, then from my visitors, they recommended most emulator that include “GTAV” game, actually it seems you may like it too, now let me explain one after another below.
This is most popular cloud gaming app in the social media especial YouTube and Facebook, this app enables you to play different PS4 games and PC games in your mobile for free, but it has limited time to play, and the app use Chinese language, now this app has different tricks when the awarded time ends, actually I already explained it two previous tutorial, you will need to take a time to read all written method in previous version on how to get another playing time when the first one its being over.

Here is the sum of previous version for this emulator, they contain different tricks and knowledge please use them to know more about the app. 

This is another popular cloud gaming app, it’s not far from 5G Cloud Gaming Emulator, all are using Chinese language and numbers, in this app you can play your favorites games including different PC games and PS4 games, in this emulator you can play real “GTAV” and also “GTAIV” on your mobile phone. 

In this app you will be able to recharge coins when their finished, like I was telling you in the previous post, there different methods that you will need to use in order to get more coins, please watch the latest video for registration purposes.

Hey before I forget, I got good news to telling you, new update is out for Mushroom Cloud Gaming App, check it out in our channel, don’t forget next week is the “SHOUTOUT” day for everyone who comment on our channel, stay tuned.

Actually Chikii is my best app, you can ask for a reason but actually it’s because it’s the English emulator, contain good graphics inside and its look awesome, also this app include best games like GTA V, FIFA 19, Cyberpunk 2077 and many Hot PC games, however the app recommended Wi-Fi during playing, otherwise can include sucking and scratching or sometimes over closing.

We can recharge our coins by doing different task, invite new user and many more task that are waiting for you, now I already show in previous post, now you can download this app and enjoy playing games on your mobile phone.

After read above article you will be very familiar with cloud gaming apps, what I need to tell you is welcome to cloud gaming world, come and test our sweets and you will never leave it again! 

Lastly I have been open new blog for you, just for football games, hope you will like it (visit ) Stay tuned with MgameMax thanks. 


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