The Future of EA FC 24 Game Series Explained EA Sports FC 24 as a Game-changer

The Future of EA FC 24 Game Series Explained: EA Sports FC 24 as a Game-changer

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023 at 06:53 am

EA Sports has announced EA FC 24, the first game in its new EA Sports FC series, which will no longer be bearing the FIFA branding after a mutual decision to part ways with the football governing body in 2022.

If you thought you’d stumble upon FIFA 24 in this year, you may be in for a disappointment. But, there is still plenty of football gaming opportunities with EA Sports’ franchise, simply presented under a fresh name.

For decades, EA Sports’ FIFA series has dominated the world of football gaming. With an impressive 325 million copies sold as of 2021, FIFA has captured the hearts of both football and gaming enthusiasts. However, the latest installment of this beloved franchise is set to take a different name: EA FC 24. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this rebranding decision and discuss the future of EA Sports’ football game series.

Changeover to EA FC 24

EA Sports has made a strategic move by transitioning away from the FIFA branding and introducing a new football gaming series called EA Sports FC. The upcoming game, expected to be titled EA FC 24, is generating significant anticipation among fans worldwide. This transition represents a departure from the traditional FIFA naming convention and signals a fresh direction for the franchise.

EA’s Departure from FIFA Branding

In a formal announcement last year, EA Sports revealed that their longstanding partnership with FIFA, the international governing body of association football, had come to an end. Both parties mutually agreed that FIFA 23 would be the final title under the EA Sports FIFA series. As EA prepares to launch EA FC 24, their social channels have already shifted focus away from FIFA 23, indicating the beginning of a new era.

FIFA’s Response and Future Plans

Following the announcement of their separation, FIFA disclosed their plans to develop and release their own football video games in collaboration with third-party studios and publishers. FIFA president Gianni Infantino hinted at the upcoming releases during the FIFA electoral congress, suggesting that there might not be a FIFA 24. While specific details regarding FIFA’s new video game series are yet to be disclosed, fans eagerly await further updates.

The Authenticity of EA FC 24

Despite the rebranding, EA Sports remains committed to delivering an authentic and immersive football gaming experience. They will maintain their relationships with over 300 license partners, ensuring that the realism and attention to detail featured in FIFA 23 will continue in EA FC 24. Players can expect the same level of quality and engaging gameplay that has made the FIFA series so beloved throughout the years.

EA SPORTS FC: Release Date and Platforms Announcement

The anticipated release date and supported platforms for EA SPORTS FC have yet to be officially confirmed. However, based on previous patterns, we can make an educated estimation.

Historically, the last seven FIFA games were launched between September 27 and October 9, with early access granted to pre-order customers and EA Play members one week prior.

Considering EA’s consistent practice of releasing games on Fridays, we anticipate that EA Sports FC will hit store shelves on either September 29 or October 6, 2023. Pre-orders are likely to become available from September 22.

Renowned gaming leaker, billbil-kun from Dealabs, has also hinted at a September 29 release date, and his track record suggests reliability in such matters.

Regarding supported platforms, EA has not disclosed whether they will focus exclusively on current-generation consoles or continue supporting legacy systems.

Our expectations lean towards the release of versions for PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. However, these editions may have limited gameplay features and modes compared to their next-generation counterparts.

EA FC 24 Cover Star(s)

EA FC 24 Cover Star(s)

Billbil-kun, the leaker responsible for revealing the release date of EA Sports FC, claims to have seen the official covers for both the standard (Erling Haaland) and Ultimate (Haaland plus 30 other reputable male and female football stars from the present and past such as Sam Kerr, Vinicius Jr., Son Heung-min, Zinedine Zidane, Johan Cruyff, and Pelé) editions which will feature the players rendered in accurate in-game graphics, and that Kylian Mbappe will no longer be featured on the front cover.

Dealabs has refrained from sharing the cover images due to copyright concerns, however they have confirmed the artist lineup, which is quite diverse and includes exciting talents from around the world. Haaland had an impressive debut season in the Premier League, notably winning the league title, the FA Cup, and the UEFA Champions League, while scoring an incredible 52 goals in 53 appearances for his club. His selection as one of two covers for the new FIFA game is certainly a deserving accolade and speaks to his impact on the sport.

In conclusion, FIFA 24 will no longer exist under its familiar name. EA Sports has taken a bold step by introducing EA FC 24, a new football gaming series that marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in the virtual football world. While this change may come as a surprise to some, it opens the door to innovation, fresh experiences, and potential partnerships in the future.

EA SPORTS FC 24 – Official Announce Trailer

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