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God Hand ROM (ISO) PS2 Download For Android

God Hand ROM (ISO) PS2 Download For Android

God Hand ROM (ISO) PS2 Download For Android is a PS2 action game developed by Clove Studio, and where published by Capcom.

About God Hand ROM (ISO) PS2

When we talk about 3D games and Comedy ones, we don’t leave God Hand aside.

God Hand is a PS2 action game developed by Clove Studio, and where published by Capcom. This game was released in North America and Japan and director was Shinji Mikami.

This game having western culture and also comedy, this makes the game to combines traditional elements. So the game name takes the image from inside as it means the starring save the world from demons.

Many people actually want this game in PPSSPP version, and some of people fake and present it in PPSSPP (PSP) version but we say there is no such version yet!

This game released on PlayStation 2 (PS2) but how can I launch it on my Android?

The answer is Damon Ps2 Apk app! The only app in the Android that can run this game. Like other PPSSPP version Damon Ps2 Apk app has too normal version and Pro version which is sold, and all these tools you can get them at playstore (Google PlayStore).

But friends if you really want to download this game and it’s your first time to use Damon Ps2 emulator you real need help on these. The tool got serious issue to deal with, first I will leave the Damon Ps2 Pro Apk link, but when you lunch this Apk fortunately will stop working as Pro, it will ask for purchase or if you real purchase this app uninstall it and install again.

So final we solve this dame problem by agree with that error but you will need to watch ads in order to earn coin that it will enable us to play the game.

One game (to lunch the game) will cost you two coins, friend I said before you will need to watch free ads to get that two coin, fail to that you can purchase them too.
In case for password use: Bhardwaj
Credit: Game Fever & Abgamingzone007

Game Features

  • 3D Environment
  • Best Graphics
  • Realistic Faces
  • Fighting Techniques
  • Unique combo attacks

Game Requirements

  • ZArchiver Apk
  • Damon PS2 Emulator

God Hand ROM (ISO) PS2 Download For Android

Download Links

| password: Bhardwaj |

| Damon PS2 Download | Damon PS2 Pro Download |

(Choose only one Link “A/B”)

Link A

Link B (Include Part 01&02 + Bios)

How to setup and play God Hand PS2

  • Damon Ps2 tool has different steps, we use to see same steps in PPSPP games but this is quietly different.
  • First use Zarchiver Apk app to extract game files.
  • Then Extract Bios file.
  • Now launch the Damon Ps2 emulator and get two coin first before lunch the game.
  • Open Bios first and then find the game and lunch it.
  • Enjoy.

Important Settings

The game divided to two parts, make sure you download all parts in order to make the game working, although there important thing you should know about these two files.

The game has two file created by Game Fever, one file already extracted by one not. They having names Part 01 and Part 02, and when you try to extract the part one file, its look like crashed or its tell you the operation fail, so you must follow these simple steps that you can do when that error occur.

  • Hold first file which has part one of the game and rename it to “01”
  • Hold the second file which has part two of the game files and rename it to “02”
  • Now refresh ZArchiver app and extract files without any errors.

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