God Of War – Chains Of Olympus Highly Compressed ISO Download – god of war 100MB

God Of War – Chains Of Olympus Highly Compressed ISO Download – god of war 100MB Plus Best PPSSPP Settings For God of War Chain of Olympus PPSSPP ISO.

Friends I know we use much time to play this game on PlayStations and to our Computers but this time come to our Mobile through PPSSPP (PSP). I know some people don’t believe this but some of my fans, visitor and myself have try this game and here we have even 100% proof.

About God of War – Chain of Olympus PPSSPP ISO

God of War – Chain of Olympus is an action-adventure video game published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Ready and Santa Monica Studio Are Developers.
This game was first released for PSP and now we used to play on PS and PC, this game is among God of War Series.

The game has HD Graphics, which is so amazing, i have been playing this game several times, even when i finishing my missions.

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Please use “Save States” to save your game, we not sure if the game will work perfectly all the time, you may see crushing error during playing, but don’t worry this happens when the PPSSPP CPU runs crazy.

In the game you will need to control Kratos who is a Spartan warrior, he serves Olympian gods and his main weapon is the Blades of Chaos, although Kratos will get new weapons, new skills and magic abilities.

God of War – Chain of Olympus is in puzzle form, use your ability to know each and everything, also you can visit different websites which have all story line foe God of War, this will help you as you will know what to do.

Lastly, when starting playing this game, you will see instructions which come like pop up message, use those instructions to control the character, remember to save the game i insist.

Features of God of War – Chain of Olympus PSP

  • Puzzle Game
  • Best Graphics
  • Single Player
  • Fixed Camera
  • Best Fighting Skills
  • Magic Abilities
  • Available costume’s for Kratos
  • Kratos can acquire new weapons and skills
  • Kratos-Blades of Chaos are available
  • and more

Download God of War – Chain of Olympus PSP ISO

To get this game it’s simple, first we provide the link which direct you to our Telegram Channel where you can download the game for free and safe (this is due to copyright and security issues), if you don’t have Telegram Android App you can download from your PlayStore free.

Please use below Download link to get the game.

The game is in zip format, you will use ZArchiver Pro Apk to extract the downloaded data, also the ISO need PPSSPP Emulator Apk to play.

God of War: Chain of Olympus compressed to 100MB, and the zip file is protected with a password, use below password to unlock the file.

How to setup and play God of War Chain of Olympus Android PPSSPP

  1. After download the compressed file, use Zarchiver app to extract the ISO, (put “COOBYMGAMEMAX” as a password to unlock the ISO file).
  2. Then Cut / Copy the ISO file and go to your device memory.
  3. In device memory find the PSP folder open it and then click to the game file.
  4. Paste the ISO file to PSP-Game file. (the paste button located to your right side at the bottom)
  5. Now open PPSSPP Emulator app then go to games, find PSP folder enter on it then click on Game file, you will see the icon/image click to lunch it – Enjoy the game.

What to do when sound chopping or game go slow or stuck?

This game has important settings you need to apply to your PPSSPP Emulator App, change the settings shown below and your game will work perfectly without any Errors.

The below settings will help you to run your game fast without any errors, in case you don’t understand this setting don’t worry there’s video guide for you, I hope will work.

Best PPSSPP Settings For God of War Chain of Olympus PSP

  1. Now open your PPSSPP Emulator App, then go to settings, in the settings the important part to change it’s “Graphics“, so read carefully.
    • The first text you will see is “Rendering Mod” below it you will see “Backend” which is “Vulkan” now change it to “OpenGL“.
    • Below “Rendering Mod” you will see “Frame Skipping” no common number that you can put to stop slowing but you can try to put number 1 up to 8 continuously until the game works perfectly. Then in “Frame Skipping type” apply “Numbers of Frames“.
    • Find “Performance” below this text you will see “Rendering Resolution” change it to 2x PSP, do the same to “Display Resolution” part. Now in Buffer graphics commands (faster, input lag) – up to 2
    • Lastly look for “Overlay Information” below it you will see “Show FPS counter” change it from “NONE” to “FPS” or “Speed“.


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