Hack God of War I & II Android PPSSPP (Unlimited Everything) Cheat Code for free

God of War: Ghost of Sparta + Chains of Olympus – PSP Cheats & Tips

God of War Ghost of Sparta + Chains of Olympus – PSP Cheats & Tips (Unlimited Everything) Cheat Code for hacking God of War I and II for free.

God of War Cheats

God of War is an action video game released in different series. The game is now available everywhere, and we have also released God of War: Ghost of Sparta and God of War: Chain of Olympus, for PSP- PPSSPP. Don’t miss out on them!

Today’s topic is about hacking these two games, and it’s a simple and free process. I have prepared a file called “cheat.db,” which is a versatile script capable of hacking numerous games, including God of War. I have personally tested it on games like Call of Duty, Need for Speed Underground, Spider-Man Friend or Foe, and many others, and the file continues to work flawlessly.

I really appreciate the creator of this script because it has been a lifesaver for many of us today. The things that this script can do are truly amazing. Now, I can’t wait to tell you what you will find inside the script.

Available Cheats

This file has contain many cheats, I know most of us we just like to add just unlimited health, orbs and skills etc. but this file has huge cheats that are so amazing, let’s see what this file can do.

#1. Infinite Health:

The file contains Infinite Health; you will see many cheat which I think they deal with one thing ‘health’ cheats like HP, HP Dec, HP(2), Inf.HP, Inf.MP, Infinite HP and many more, so this help Kratos (as you act as a controller) to boost or to stay alive, infinite health mean there is no way the player can die, so it’s give a chance for non-stop playing, I know everyone understand this part, so let’s move to another part.

#2. Infinite Orbs(unlimited)

The file has multiple cheat for orbs, as we know orbs it’s used to upgrade different items, like weapons etc. The first cheat you will see after applying to any of these two game it’s 159 Orbs (No Decrease) these mean your orbs will stick to 159 (no increasing or decreasing), other cheat like Orb and Orbs (no decrease) they are waking the same,

What surprised me is last cheats for Orbs, you will find Red Orbs then you will see another cheat for Read Orbs 1 time 1000000 increase also for ReadSoul, this mean when you hit one time you will increase your orbs 1000000x, wow don’t tell me you won’t take this script.

#3. Infinite Magic

In the game Kratos acquire different magic which help him to fight impossible ones, the cheat contains Infinite Magic, which gives you unlimited way of use the magic without ending, so the magic meter will not decrease if you apply this cheat.

#4. 1Hit Kill

These is another cheat that can convince you to download this script, this cheat work when Kratos hit, or when fighting,  he will not take so long like before but one hit the enemy will be down, so you will kill unlimited for one hit,

Actually the cheat has many items that are so cool, others are All skills level max, Bigger Size which makes Kratos bigger in size, Combo Multiplier, you can increase the Enemy Damage up to X256, you can open hidden elements up to 20, increase jump up to X2, upgrade orbs to max, change Kratos size to Ultra big or super small, and many more.

Prepare your PPSSPP Emulator for Accept Cheats

This it’s important process you will need to do before downloading the file, first open your PPSSPP Gold Emulator,  then go to Setting which located at your right side, while in settings choose “System” which located at bottom of your PPSSPP (left side), then find this heading “Cheats (experimental, see forums)” just below it you will see “Enable cheats”  enable it by click the small box, then close the application and follow next instructions.
Why doing this process, because it’s the only way to make PSP create cheats folder automatically.

Download “Cheat.db” file

After seeing what this file do, now you can click the below button to Download the script,  the script only need ZArchiver Pro Apk for extract it from zip file.

How to Import the “cheat.db” to the Game

  • It’s simple, after downloading the “cheat.db” file just do the following steps, (I hope you enable cheats to your PPSSPP Emulator)
    1. Extract the file using ZArchiver Pro Apk.(use “MgameMax” as a password to unlock the file)
    2. Then copy or cut the folder and paste to your Device Memory PSP Cheats folder.
    3. Open PPSSPP Gold Emulator, then chose a game to play (God of War Chain of Olympus or God of War Ghost of Sparta) then at the game hit back one time, then you will see your Save State in the right side you will see cheats, click on it……
    4. Then Import from “cheat.db” (use import button to import cheats), you can also Enable or Disable all cheats, lastly choose any cheat you what to use and enjoy the script.

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