Download GTA V Prologue MOD APK latest v0.1 Android

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Hello welcome in this site again I provide GTA V Prologue for free as a gift to you this time to weekend, before you download this game you need to get an introduction for this app, get close and know this app before downloading it.

About GTA V Prologue MOD APK

GTA V is a popular open-world game developed by Rockstar North and launched by Rockstar Games.
GTAV include three heroes; Franklin, Travor and Michael. These three characters can be controlled when we play GTAV. However the game is very needed by everyone in the Internet, we don’t need much review on this game, everyone is very familiar what GTA V is, then you may ask question what is GTA 5 Prologue, continue reading below you will find the answer to your question.

What is GTA 5 Prologue Apk?

GTA 5 Prologue is a fan mobile game developed by R-USRS Games and it not the real GTA V but is a fan game for all who don’t have high-quality PC. In this version is offer you to play only one mission, the first mission, However the full version is still under construction might release soon to our Mobile devices.
We can classify this game as Best Android Fan Mad Games and Open World game, this game is only available or support to Android devices soon will be available on iOS phones.

Features of GTA V Prologue Apk:

  • The game has High-quality graphics and atmosphere and we can still increase the graphics in the game setting, mind you to over graphic will make the game to run slowly.
  • The game has confirmed contain first mission of the GTA V .
  • The game has got main of the real GTAV .
  • The game contain some bugs because it’s not real game.
  • The game is soo cool and amazing.
  • See also GTA V Graphics Mod for GTA San Andreas Android

How to Download and Install GTA V Prologue?

I provide packed file which contain Apk and Obb inside through mediafıre link, once you hit below button you will be taken to the download page and you will start downloading this fan game.

To Install this game is very easy steps, once you extract the game file using ZArchiver App just click the apk and click install button, you will get a security alert, just ignore the alert and let the application to be installed, get the rest of information below this page.

How to Install / Setup the GTA V Prologue Apk Full Guide;

  1. After downloading the above file, extract the file using ZArchiver App.
  2. Open extracted folder and you will see three files; APK, DATA and OBB.
  3. Click “APK” folder and install GTA 5 Prologue Apk (you will get a security alert, just ignore the alert and let the application to be installed)
  4. Then open “DATA” folder and copy “com.rusergames.gta5prologue” and paste to your Android \ data folder.
  5. Do the same to “OBB” folder, copy “com.rusergames.gta5prologue” and paste to Device Memory \ Android \ obb folder.
  6. Lunch the game and enjoy!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I download this version of the game on my Device?

The Answer is yes, you can download this fan game to your Android device, the game is only support Android devices for now, by follow above information you can easily get the game.

Is the game easy to install and safe?
Yes! The game is easy to install and safe 100% as we ensure care of our visitors and you don’t need to root your device to get the best feature of this game.

Is the game easy to play?
The game is pretty hard because it contain one mission, so will take you to a very long time to complete the first mission, if you know how to control the game won’t be complicated for you.

Is this version free?
Yes, the version of this game is total free and it provide honorable and fun gaming experience.

By reading above article is my hope you know and understand GTA V Prologue, this is a shoutout game For all my visitors, thanks for downloading the game, enjoy.



  1. Zaddy says:

    After downloading,following the and selecting my language,the game was just blank is that how its??

  2. Pro Fadiz says:

    No might be your divice is not computable with the game

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