GTA San Andreas Remaster Android (Apk + Data + OBB) Download for Android

GTA San Andreas Remaster Android (Apk + Data + OBB) Download for Android

GTA San Andreas Remaster Android (Apk + Data + OBB) Download for Android Offline free.

Download and install GTA Sa Mod GTA V for free, having fun with the game to your mobile phone, the link will direct you to Mediafire where you can download the game, it’s free and safe just 400MB.

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GTA San Andreas Remaster Android

Gta san andreas remaster android is a action-adventure video game, playing in our mobile phone, the game is so cool having HD Graphics, the game was published by Rockstar Games.

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Last time, we update GTA San Andreas Remaster Android, make sure you don’t miss it if you don’t like this kind of modification, also we was listed all important things which you will need to do in order to make the game play on your mobile phone, we hope you remember that.

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GTA V: is the action-adventure video game, this game it’s so cool having HD Graphics, most of the things inside it’s reality, the game liked by many people, every one needs it, but now there’s many version for this game, actually others trying to fake this game and say it’s available on Android,

We know the world now it’s change so much, but still Android can’t manage to hold huge files of  GTA V, so still it’s impossible, the only way you can play GTA V on Android is using GTA Sa Andreas, by modify the game at a point that looks the same to “Grand Theft Auto V”, also there other platforms that helps you to play the real GTA V on Android like “netboom” this is an application provide cloud games, means that you can play computer games online, but doesn’t mean it will install files to your device, there many out there you can find them and have fun.

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GTA San Andreas RemasterThis is the best mod ever, the whole feature inside it’s the same to “GTAV“, the graphics it’s so HD, addition of Brightness and improvement of light makes the game to look awesome, there deep change to road, trees, mountains, houses and other textures, also replacement for “DFF” to the game for cars and planes and all other means of transportation has been done, and makes the game to look more realistic as replacement add the “GTAV” textures to them.

This time you will not control “Cj” again but you will control three different characters, as we used to do in “GTAV”, I mean you will control “Trevo Philips”, “Michael De Santa” and “Franklin Clinton”.
We really appreciate the one who do this modification, also there is mobile phone which contains different items inside, like spawn of objects and other cheats, lastly there addition of real GTAV theme song, believe it’s total GTA V.

We can’t tell you all features, but this mod it’s awesome, we have been change the application logo to “GTAV” download the game now and enjoy the beauty of inside.

How to Download GTA San Andreas Remaster:

Actually downloading this game it’s simple, you will need to hit download button, and the link will direct you to Mediafire where you can download you game, but there thing you should know before you download this game.

First download ZArchiver Pro Apk, this application will help you to extract downloaded file, then the file will ask for password, type “GTABYMGAMEMAX” then the file will be unlocked and extracted.

Important thing you will need to do it’s know your “Graphics Processing Unit” (GPU), this is the central part of you system hardware, now there different GPU Renderer, which available in our devices differs from one another, like “Mali“, “PowerVR” and “Andreno“. Now to know all this, you should download “CPU-Z”, this application is available at Google Playstore, this will tell you about your device, if it’s “Mali”, “PowerVR” or “Andreno” GPU.

Why it’s Important to know all this?
GTA Sa Mod GTA V contain different files which will need you to rename according to your GPU, example “gta3.pvr.dat” file, “pvr” is the name of “PowerVR GPU“, so your task now it’s to rename all files include the word “pvr” and put your GPU name, example users with “Mali GPU” your file will look like this “gta3.mali.dat“, the folder that you will need to rename is “gta3“, “gta_int” & “txd“.

All users with “PowerVR GPU” today is your lucky day,  because all files that has to be renamed contains your GPU name, so you will need to install the game only, and follow simple instructions below.

GTA San Andreas Remaster REQUIREMENTS:

  • The mod requires 3GB RAM and up, also can play to low-end devices as it’s old version but important you should have;
  • CPU-Z Apk
  • ZArchiver Pro Apk 

Download GTA San Andreas Remaster

HOW TO INSTALL GTA San Andreas Remaster: 

  • First you should download ZArchiver Pro Apk which will help you to extract the game, use above information to rename the files and after doing as we instructed in our video now do these simple steps.
    1. Use ZArchiver Pro app to extract downloaded file, use “GTABYMGAMEMAX” as a password to unlock the file.
    2. Then install “GTA Sa Andreas.apk” but don’t open it.
    3. Now rename all files as shown in our video tutorial.
    4. Move “com.rockstargames.gtasa” folder to your “Device Memory” Data folder.
    5. Now lunch GTA Sa apk and enjoy.

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