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Download GTA Vice City Stories All Save File for PSP – PPSSPP Emulator working 100% on PC and Android, Download GTA Vice City Stories Save Data from first mission to the last one for free.

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Get Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Save data for free, for those who got stuck or doesn’t want to walkthrough in all the missions, or want to skip mission, play a favorite mission etc. In this Article you can download any save game from 1 to 59 mission from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories is an action-adventure game published by Rockstar Games, the game is available on PSP.

The game story starts in 1984 where Corporal Victor shortly Vic, is stationed in the army, Fort Baxter, finding money for medication of his sick brother (Pete). Later Vic agrees to help his corrupt supervises where at the end finding himself involved in the city’s drug trade.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Save Games

How to use save files for GTA Vice City Stories on PC:

  1. Download save data file (choose any mission file from beginning).
  2. Unzip downloaded file using WinRAR for Windows or any other similar tool.
  3. Copy “ULES00502S92F1” file then open your PPSSPP Emulator folder and Paste the file in this location – memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA
  4. Now open GTA Vice City Stories and load the first save data.

How to use save files for GTA Vice City Stories on Android:

  1. Download save data file (choose any mission file from beginning).
  2. Extract the file using ZArchiver Apk or any other similar tool.
  3. Then copy “ULES00502S92F1” file and paste the file to this location PSP/SAVEDATA
  4. Now open GTA Vice City Stories and load the first save data.

For brand new game installation:

If you are new and you just download this game and you didn’t play any mission, before using downloaded save data, we recommended to start the game and play one mission then save the game and exit right after the first mission ends and saved. Do it before following the instructions above, for more info, watch below video.

Download GTA Vice City Stories Save Games Files

Below Save Data was tested and working perfectly on PPSSPP Gold v1.11.3 and PPSSPP v0.9.9 on Android also PPSSPP Gold for Windows.

Step-by-step on how to set up the savedata folder as shown on the video below:

  • Step No 01: Open PPSSPP Emulator and Launch the game for the first time.
  • Step No 02: Play and Finish Mission 1 then go to save the game, this will create save data folder for GTA VCS. Exit the game after saving it.
  • Step No 03: Open ZArchiver app, then from your Device storage/memory look for the PSP folder.
  • Step No 04: Now open the PSP folder and then look for “SAVEDATA” folder and open it.
  • Step No 05: While you are in SAVEDATA folder you will see new savedata folder created after saving GTA VCS, it is look like this “ULES00502S92F0”.
  • Step No 06: Then Hold “ULES00502S92F0” folder and from popup menu choose “Rename”, then copy or cut the folder name then “delete” the folder after copy the name.
  • Step No 07: Now go to your downloaded savedata folder, then hold it and from popup menu choose rename.
  • Step No 08: Rename the savedata folder from “ULUS10160S92F4” to “ULES00502S92F0”, just paste the current savedata name that you copied before.
  • Step No 09: Lastly Copy or Cut the savedata folder that you rename and paste to your PSP/SAVEDATA folder then open the game and enjoy.
Mission NameSave File
1. Solder[DOWNLOAD]
2. Cleaning House[DOWNLOAD]
3. Conduct Unbecoming[DOWNLOAD]
4. Cholo Victory[DOWNLOAD]
5. Boomshine Blowout[DOWNLOAD]
6. Truck Stop[DOWNLOAD]
7. Marked Men[DOWNLOAD]
8. Shakendown[DOWNLOAD]
9. Fear the Repo[DOWNLOAD]
10. Waking Up the Neighbors[DOWNLOAD]
11. O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?[DOWNLOAD]
12. Got Protection?[DOWNLOAD]
13. When Funday Comes[DOWNLOAD]
14. Takin’ Out the White-Trash[DOWNLOAD]
16. To Victor, The Spoils[DOWNLOAD]
17. Jive Drive[DOWNLOAD]
18. Hose the Hoes[DOWNLOAD]
19. Robbing the Cradle[DOWNLOAD]
20. Nice Package[DOWNLOAD]
21. Balls[DOWNLOAD]
22. Papi Don’t Screech[DOWNLOAD]
23. Havana Good Time[DOWNLOAD]
24. The Audition[DOWNLOAD]
25. Money for Nothing[DOWNLOAD]
26. Caught as an Act[DOWNLOAD]
27. Leap and Bound[DOWNLOAD]
28. The Bum Deal[DOWNLOAD]
29. Snitch Hitch[DOWNLOAD]
30. From Zero to Hero[DOWNLOAD]
31. Brawn of the Dead[DOWNLOAD]
32. Blitzkrieg[DOWNLOAD]
33. The Mugshot Longshot[DOWNLOAD]
34. Hostile Takeover[DOWNLOAD]
35. Unfriendly Competition[DOWNLOAD]
36. High Wire[DOWNLOAD]
37. Turn on, Tune in, Bug out[DOWNLOAD]
38. Taking the Fall[DOWNLOAD]
39. White Lies[DOWNLOAD]
40. Where it Hurts Most[DOWNLOAD]
41. Accidents Will Happen[DOWNLOAD]
42. The Colonel’s Coke[DOWNLOAD]
43. Kill Phil[DOWNLOAD]
44. Say Cheese[DOWNLOAD]
45. Kill Phil: Part 2[DOWNLOAD]
46. Home’s on the Range[DOWNLOAD]
47. Purple Haze[DOWNLOAD]
48. Steal the Deal[DOWNLOAD]
49. The Exchange [DOWNLOAD]
50. Farewell to Arms[DOWNLOAD]
51. Burning Bridges[DOWNLOAD]
52. Blitzkrieg Strikes Again[DOWNLOAD]
53. Lost and Found[DOWNLOAD]
54. Domo Arigato Domestoboto[DOWNLOAD]
55. So Long Schlong[DOWNLOAD]
56. In the Air Tonight[DOWNLOAD]
57. Light My Pyre[DOWNLOAD]
58. Over the Top[DOWNLOAD]
59. Last Stand[DOWNLOAD]

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