[43MB] Moto GP Android Highly Compressed PPSSPP ISO

[43MB] Moto GP Android Highly Compressed PPSSPP ISO

[43MB] Moto GP Android Highly Compressed PPSSPP ISO Download MotoGP for Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed for free. Play the best motorcycle racing game on your mobile phone.

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Download MotoGP for Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed for free.

Play the best motorcycle racing game on your mobile phone, using PPSSPP Gold Emulator, we provide free link to download Moto GP Android via Mediafire, free and safe, only 43MB, continue scrolling down to download the game.

Moto GP Android PPSSPP

Grand Prix motorcycle racing is the best moto bike racing game, this game released in 2006 and it’s available in PSP console.

The game we provide is not original one, some how it’s compressed to 43MB and the real size after extraction is 73,287 KB (71.5MB), when you lunch this game, some how it’s having different language from English, but when you tap start everything inside is English.

Moto GP Android is characterized by HD Graphics, real bike sound and the real-cool environment, you can easily look back, forward change the camera, etc. Also the brightness and the light in the game has been improved.

Other features for MotoGP Android PPSSPP

  • Arcade and Tournament Mode.
  • Player can choose different moto bikes.
  • Different challenges are available.
  • Bikes are too easy to control.

When the game starts you will meet several options in “main menu” such as “Arcade”, “Season”, “Multiplayer”, “Time Trial”, “Reward”, “1 on 1”, and “Options”. I know some will fail to understand Japanese language, so let me help you to translate some of them here.

Arcade: in the Arcade you will choose your level (Difficulty) “Easy”, “Normal” or “Hard”, after choose levels, now you can easily select your Motorcycle, there more than 25 unlocked bikes, free to use, now do your racing and earn.

Season: you will be able to start new season in this game, when use this option don’t mind the language, because they mean “New game” and “Continuation game” (“新規 ゲーム”, “継続 ゲーム”), so the first word is telling you to start a new game, select to start new season, choose your level and numbers of player, now you will see these two words “MotoGP に 挑戦 !” And “本物 の ライダー で 挑戦 !” This mean that “Challenge MotoGP!” Or “Challenge with a real rider!” Choose one, then select the bike to play.

Multiplayer: in multiple you will meet two options “レース を 開催” and “レース を 探す” this mean “Hold a race” or “Find a race” choose whatever you like, but if you don’t understand much use Google Translate Apk.

Hope you get an idea of control this game, find others translation for your self.

Download Moto GP Android PPSSPP

Use download button below to download Moto GP Android for free, the link will direct you to Mediafire where you can get the game for free and safe.

Please download PPSSPP Gold Emulator app for lunch the game and also ZArchiver Pro Apk for extract the zip file.
The file is protected by a password, use "MGPBYMGAMEMAX" as a password to unlock the file.

MotoGP Android PPSSPP Requirements

  • ZArchiver Pro Apk
  • PPSSPP Gold Emulator App


  • As mentioned above you must have PPSSPP Gold Emulator App and ZArchiver Pro Apk, download them and follow below instructions.
    1. Using ZArchiver Pro, extract the zip file (use “MGPBYMGAMEMAX” as a password to unlock the file)
    2. Take extracted ISO file to your “Device Memory” PSP Game Folder.
    3. Now open PPSSPP Gold Emulator, find your game in settings, then lunch it and enjoy.


NOTE: Please do this settings only if your game graphics are broken.

Go to settings option and select the system and restore PPSSPP to default, then apply this settings to your PPSSPP Emulator.

GRAPHICS: look for “Mode” and apply “Buffering Rendering” to it.
Change “Frameskipping” to 5, and apply “Auto frameskipping”, use “Prevent FPS exceeding 60 (speed up GoW) also apply “Alternative speed (in %, 0 = Unlimited) – 60%.

Apply: “Mipmapping”, “Hardware transform”, “Software skinning”, “Vertex cache, “Time hack”, “Texture cooord speedhack (speedup)“, “Fast memory (unstable)“, “Multithreadedd (experimental l)“, “Force real clock sync (slower, less lag)”

Congratulations! You have successfully opted to best settings for your PPSSPP, you can now return to your game and play it smoothly.

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